About Erasmus MC

Erasmus MC, established in the city of Rotterdam, is a university medical center in which (new) knowledge is both being generated and passed on to (future) professionals. This knowledge covers a broad field, ranging from illness to health, and from individual to community healthcare. The knowledge generated and new findings will benefit daily care and treatment of patients. Erasmus MC and the adjacent children’s hospital Erasmus MC-Sophia are located in the city center. The Erasmus MC-Daniel den Hoed Cancer Center is situated in a district on the southern bank of the River Maas.

The largest university medical center in the Netherlands, Erasmus MC creates special opportunities for research, education and patient care in the Netherlands. Its over 10,000 employees make every effort to this end. Erasmus MC is also the Netherlands’ most multi-faceted university medical center. It boasts a strong health sciences sector, strong basic research, and the largest number of university hospital disciplines in the country. Erasmus MC is also in the process of creating the university-medical-center-of-the-21st century under the motto 'Rotterdam is getting better!'.

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