This workshop will tell you everything about the Pam device: its fundamentals, why its technology is unique, validations, practical use in research. The Pam Activity Monitor is a small, light, accurate, versatile and affordable monitoring device that can help you perform studies with larger groups of subjects. We look forward meeting you in our interactive workshop! (Pam is called Kam in the US).  and


Description of OrthoCare Innovations SAM workshop:
This workshop will introduce you to the StepWatch Activity Monitor (SAM), a powerful, unobtrusive and easy-to-use instrument that records the number of strides taken each minute for extended periods of time with greater than 98% accuracy regardless of gait style, gait speed, and body composition. The SAM software analyzes levels and patterns of activity, providing insight into the functional dimensions of ambulatory capacity and behavior. The SAM is used extensively in research and clinical applications worldwide. A bibliography of peer-reviewed literature and a summary of published accuracy results will be available.


Workshop: Gait Variability and Risk of Falling
The aim of the workshop is to inform you about the use of accelerometry based methods to analyse gait in order to estimate risk of falling. The topics are:
- Clinical use in the Fall Clinic (Dr. Jos van Campen)
- State of the Art (Dr. Jeff Hausdorff)
- Reproducibility of gait variability in frail elderly
- (Prof. Dr. Ivan Bautmans)
- Practical demonstration of the DynaPort (McRoberts)