BTS Bioengineering produces innovative scientific instrumentation for movement analysis. These systems support the activities of physicians, engineers and researchers that require accurate and objective information relevant to their work.

BTS solutions:


Integrated systems for clinical movement analysis


Systems for acquisition and processing of electro myographic signals


Dynamic systems for posture analysis


Optoelectronic systems for breathing measurement


Systems for control of vegetative states


McRoberts Ambulatory Monitoring
McRoberts provides simple innovative solutions for movement analysis based on body fixed sensors, including performance based tests (Gait & Posture) and activity monitoring in daily life.
During ICAMPAM we will release the new (7 day!) DynaPort MoveMonitor for activity, energy expenditure, fall detection and sleep analysis.


Cardinal Health offers a large mixture of products and services to healthcare customers all over the world. Our mission: To make healthcare safer and more productive. Please visit us at

COSMED is the world’s leader in functional fitness evaluation technology for the health, sport and human performance industries. COSMED products can be found in thousands of the most prominent Research institutions, Rehab departments, Olympic training centers, Sport science universities, Hospitals and Physician offices throughout the world. COSMED was the first company world-wide to offer a fully portable, breath-by-breath metabolic cart, the K4 b2

SenseWear Pro Armband is a high sensitive body monitoring system measuring energy consumption in individuals over a given period (24/7) The energy use is calculated in kCal and METs dividing active and resting energy. The SenseWear Pro Armband indicates sleep algorithms, galvanic skin response, and movement.

VitaMove is an ambulatory wireless body monitoring system providing researchers and health care providers with meaningful patient information in daily life situations. VitaMove measures posture, motion, tremor and heart rate simultaneous on multiple body locations. VitaMove is validated and being used in field research by EMC department of rehabilitation medicine.

PAL’s accelerometer, activPAL™, provides a single sensor solution for quantifying posture and activity. Its unique configuration discriminates posture allowing sedentary activities to be quantified separately from upright and stepping activities.

Biometrics is your worldwide partner regarding movement analysis, registration and rehabilitation.
Cooperating with the best business partners in the world for a successful implementation that suits both research and clinical applications.
Biometrics is delivering Products, Solutions and Concepts within hospitals, research, clinical, rehabilitation and sports centres.

AURION designs and develops dedicated solutions for Clinical and Research applications, by effective and easy-to-use products, designed for the evaluation of motor performances and functional diseases.