Abstract Submission Instructions

Please follow the instructions below to guarantee a smooth reviewing process.

Submission procedure

Only abstracts submitted online before the 15th of December 2007 will be considered

For each abstract you must complete a separate online submission procedure

After reading the listed guidelines, use the template to format and submit your abstract

One presenting author must be identified

Abstracts must cover 1 of the listed topics

On the 1st of February 2008 the Scientific Committee will notify the corresponding author of the selection decision and of the most appropriate presentation format (oral or poster)

Abstract style
See link to Abstract Template below.

Abstracts must be in English and should not exceed 1 A4 (including title, text body, tables, figures, formulas, and references).

Only MS Word documents are considered.

Please use Times New Roman, size 10 as font style, and single line spacing. Page format: A4 size, 2,5cm margins at each side. Paragraph: left justified, 0,5cm indentation for the first line of a paragraph, a blank line separation between two sections (as in the presented templates below). Reference(s) in text between brackets [ ].

Abstracts may include figures, tables or images, as long as the whole abstract does not exceed 1 A4.

The abstract’s sections should be arranged in the following order:

Original data or Review: state background and aim of study
Evaluation of technology: state technology or equipment investigated

Original data: state study population, outcome measure(s) and place and means of data collection
Review: describe how evidence was collected and processed Evaluation of technology: state how technology or equipment was evaluated, study population, test devices and setting (laboratory, clinical practice or at home)

Original data: summarize main findings
Review: summarize evidence found
Evaluation of technology: list positive and negative elements of the technology or equipment

Original data or Review: discuss shortly the main findings

Original data or Review: translate findings into relevant take-home messages
Evaluation of technology: suggest future use or further evaluation

Maximum of 3 references

Abstract content

Abstracts should preferably concern reports of Original data, Reviews or Evaluation of technology.

The abstract must start with a Title (maximum of 15 words).

Abbreviations must be kept to a minimum, and should be given in brackets ( ) behind first mention of the full word.


Click here to go to the templates page.

After notification of acceptance the corresponding author has to register for the conference within two weeks. Otherwise the poster/oral presentation will not be part of the ICAMPAM program.